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    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2012 edited

    1)ZORA = Dec 71- had to be given away. Dogs not allowed in condos'. He woould only come if I yelled cookie, didn't listen to me at all. But he did chase away an attacker by humping his leg. He was a keeshond. We were looking up names on the greyhound bush. He should have been named Zorro (male)

    2) BAMBI -Dec 75-Feb 5/86 water on heart-put to sleep. Followed our daughter about

    3)RICKY=Jan 86-July 17/99 too ill couldnd't stand up, tryed to walk off balcony. put to sleep. A very royal looking fellow. Would look down his nose at something he didn't approve of.  Pic from Feb/89

    4)STRYPER=July 88-Sept 10/04  We were camping when we got the news. I broke down & bawled right at the yogi station. Daughter took care of him. a big boy. Weighed 22 lbs at end. He seemed to get sick every time we went camping but was fine when we came back each time. Not that time. Pic taken May/99

    Now we have Callie age 8, Aug 1 & Buttons 5

      Aug 72 Zora.jpg

    Beautiful animals Pat. It's amazing how each one touched our lives. This was Roy, our German Shepperd/Lab mix. Had him for 11 years, then his digestive issues got too much for him, had to put him down this past summer. We attempted surgery first, and over a thousand dollars later, it wasn't enough. A week after his surgery, we had to end his pain. He was my dad's best friend, his camping buddy. It's so different with him gone...

    • CommentAuthorsheri
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2012
    Pat what beautiful pictures of your friends...Thanks so much for starting this for all of us to honor our friends.."fur FRIENDS
    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2012

    Sweet looking Roy, Tanya. We do miss our kids. Bet he was a good in the bush.

    • CommentAuthordorcon61
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2012

    My first fur baby was Maggie, a beagle.  She was about 7 mos. when our friends found her in the street.  They couldn't keep her, and one night we were over their place for dinner and Maggie adopted us right then and there!  She was my son's playmate, my therapist, and our all-around best friend.  She had bouts of cancer on and off for several years until we finally had to put her down at age 13.

    Several years later, hubby and I decided we wanted a dog and lo and behold another friend had found a puppy in their garage!  They came home from work one evening and she was there, no idea how she got in but there she was.  Pixie was a miniature poodle, all of 8lbs. soaking wet with 108lbs. of attitude.  She pushed the limits further than any child I knew (including me!).  I can't tell you how many time I had her in the car, on the way to the shelter when she'd give me that "I'm sorry, I love you" look together with a pathetic whine.  Yep, I'd turn the car around every time.  Pixie turned out to be the most precious dog and valued member of the family you could imagine!  She had serious heart problems and epilepsy, both treated with meds.  At 12, she had kidney failure and we nearly lost her.  She pulled through and lived another 4 years.  Finally, at 16, her heart got so big it affected her breathing, her lungs filled up with fluid and we knew it was time.  She's buried in our yard under a special river rock carved with her name, dates of birth and death, and a poodle.

    We waited a year to get another dog (actually were not going to get another one).  For reasons known only to God, we went into a Petco, and immediately spotted Collette, a poodle mix and brought her home.  She's 7 now, and is loved dearly. She's sweet, calm, and perfect for us.

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    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2012
    In 2002 I had to put a long time friend CASH down,he had degenerative myelopathy had him for 9 years,Then in 2003 my wife got me Anya because I was hurting so bad from my lose of Cash,and on the 13th of June I had to put her down because she had Cancer of the lymph nodes and by the time the vet found it,it was to late,but still have my nine year old Labrador who I found in the street when he was three weeks old.
    My heart is heavy from losing Anya,there all like my kids to me.
    • CommentAuthorHawk1943
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2012

    This is Anya

      anya feb 09.jpg
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    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2012

    Don. a handsome Cash & a beautiful Anya

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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2012 edited

    this is my pet snake, Artie. who just passed away last night. only had him for 3 years. got him in 2010 when Artie was 2 years old, nice and very healthy. and for the past 2 months, i've been having a problem of him not eating. everytime he ate, he would throw up his meal. i feed him large mice all the time. then Artie would throw it up, then i went down to smaller size mice. still could not keep it down. i'am guessing it was stomach problems he was having.  then it got to the point where Artie got really skinny, he was gonna die if he kept this up. but around last night, he passed away in his sleep. Artie was only 5 years old when he passed. but i'am happy he's not suffering anymore. i've buried him under the rock garden in the front yard.

      Artie 2.20 (3).JPG
      Artie 2.20.JPG
      Artie 6.16 (2).JPG
      Artie basking 3.5.JPG
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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2012

    What a beautiful snake he was, Derek! I love his color! What kind was he?

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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2012
    I agree with Darla, Artie was a beautiful snake. I am not a snake person, myself, but my nephews both have several. I don't not like them, just don't want one myself. As a kid I used to have snakes as pets. Especially ones that we had in MS, which I can not think of the name of -- small green ones! Thank you for sharing his pictures with us.
    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2012

    I ditto everyone, Snakes are very interesting creatures, beautiful to look at.I like the rose colouring on this one. The only snakes I've held are gardner snakes, They are the only ones I've ever seen or came in contact with in Ontario

    • CommentAuthorAWESOMEONE
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2012

    thanks for the kind words my friends. yeah, Artie is a corn snake. i really loved the rose color on him. i am a bit sad still that Artie is gone now.

    • CommentAuthorBEVERLY
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2012
    I have never seen a rose colored one. I meant to comment on that. I think the ones we played with were garter snakes too.
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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2012 edited

    Since Eds kids are present & accounted for Nice looking kids, I added mine

    Queen Diva Callie. Born Aug 1/04 , She'll paw me while I'm on puter to walk her to kitchen to eat or to bathroom for her to drink her water or paw me to brush her countless times throughout the day.She makes sure Idon't veg on puter all day, Can only brush her on floor, doesn't like to be held


    Brat Buttons born May 7/07  He is the holy terror that will chase Callie around till he can bite or claw her. He will let me cuddle him. Anything that doesn't belong on table, he will knock off. likes to chew my one parlor palm fronds


    Both together on Bed, They can be nice together at times



      3017 Aug 30.JPG
      2995 Aug 15.JPG
    • CommentAuthorBEVERLY
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2012
    Here is one of my Parrot Pepe. He is an African Grey. We got him when he was a year old. We have had him for about 27 years now. African Greys have lived to be 75 or older when kept as a pet. He is a mean guy! But talks up a storm. He will tell us good morning in the morning and when he thinks it is time to go to bed, or he hears me turn off my computer at night, he will say "Time to go night night." If our dog goes to the back door he will say "Do you want to go outside?" You never know what he is going to come up with next! Our vet and his staff love to get to keep him, while we go on a trip. But they know to not let anyone get near him because he loves to bite!
      Pepe 2.jpg
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    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012

    I guess he picks up words easily. Have to watch what you say, no swear words


    Present too then? Alright :)

    This is my 4 yr old black lab/husky Rambo. Had him for 3 years now, and it's like watching a child grow into a teenager. He's calming down now though, what a relief!

    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012

    Love those soulful eyes

    • CommentAuthorAWESOMEONE
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012 edited

    here's my 2 very cute kittys! meet Max, and Blossom!


    first picture. Max. he's 4 years old. got him when he was 7 weeks old. here, he was in my room, Max loves to be infront of my face when i'am on the laptop. lol


    second picture. Blossom. she's a big girl, 21 pounds of cute goodness! she's gonna be 6 years old this December. this is her favorite spot to hang out. be next to the window and soak up the sun, she loves the heat. does anything she can to be warm, even during the summer when i have the windows open!

      queen diva Blossom.JPG
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    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012

    When my Callie was just a wee lassie, the calico up top, she would jump on the desk & try to bat the screen whenI was playing games & then later when I dicovered eagles & falcons, she woyuld try to find them by going behind the monitor. She grew out of it. thankfully

    • CommentAuthorkd5rjx
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012 edited

    Sealed thanks everyone for your patience and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CommentAuthorBEVERLY
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2012
    Derek, I love your cats and I love the Lab too rubbertoots. My lab was so upset last night when I came home and his daddy was not with me! He was so excited tonight when we both came home.

    Thanks guys. I just love how each animal has its own personality, and it makes them who they are. They're goofy, funny, adorable, and can drive us crazy sometimes. But they sure know how to make us happy! Such beautiful animals on this page :)

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    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2013 edited

    Born May 7/07.

    May 18/13 4:00 pm Buttons breathed his last breath, He went over the rainbow bridge

    Vets poem at start

    Allison poem at end

      041 Jan 23.11.JPG
      5225 May 18 4pm RIP Buttons.jpg
    • CommentAuthorAWESOMEONE
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2013 edited

    This is my new kitten, Oreo. Such a little cutie! She was an abandoned kitten. I first heard her meowing at 5:00am. She meowed all day and night, we put out some food and milk, then we took her in the next day. Since then, she's been very happy. She's between 4 - 6 months old. All I can say, I'm happy she picked us. She's gonna have a happy and healthy life with us now.

    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2013

    a real cutie Derek