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    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2010

    I made a post that stated "Feral Cats are good for target practice". Somone posted that that was not funny.

    Here was m y reply:

    No it is not funny, cats should not be allowed to run wild, they are, as I stated, the #1 killer of ground bird nestllings in North America. Birds such as Meadowlarks, Dickcissles, Bobolinks, many species of priarie dwelling shorebirds, (upland sandpiper, curlews) and sparrows - many of whcih are either threatened or endangered.

    Since trapping cats in these locations is basically out of the question, and the survival of the bird speecies is far more important than the cats - what is your solution? I'm sorry, but on this issue, I'm very firm.   

    In many states it is the right of the public to shoot feral dogs, in some states it is the responsibility of a hunter to shoot a dog if it is chasing deer.  Feral cats areno different. They must be controlled. But, trapping is time consuming, expensive, and non-productive. Andthe survival of many bird species relies on teh removal of feral cats from the non-natural environment.

    There comes a time in a person's life, when they should stand up for what they believe in. for me this is one of those times. I believe all feral cats should be killed.  

    If you have an argument with me, or a better wildlife management  idea than mine, please state it. You have a right  to stand up for it. But, we must still do what is right. In this case, I'm right, cats must go - by some means. I believe it is even mandatd in the Bible.

    • CommentAuthortoveybunny
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2010

    Also Feral Cats are put down my vets, when brought in because the can not be tamed. Listening to shows like animal cops and the aspca, feral cats are a real problem.

    • CommentAuthorKris75
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2010

    TR- I've worked for decades with stray and feral cats and there is a better solution than killing them.  Trap-Neuter-Ruturn is proven to be less expensive than killing and also reduces the number of cats in the area MUCH QUICKER than killing the local population.  When you kill a colony another colony simply moves in.  This should make sense to you since it seems like the problem never gets solved.  Alley Cat Allies has tons of wonderful information on this issue and the benefits of TNR- for those of you who are willing to look at both sides of this issue please check them out online.  Killing is never a solution- if it was we would have solved it by now cause people have been trying to kill off colonies for CENTURIES. I understand that you are saying feral cats basically equate to an invasive species but there are better solutions than killing. When you serilize a cat colony they keep their territory and fight off any invaders.  The colony eventually dies off then- their lifespans are obviously short- usually no longer than 3 to 5 years.  If most counties implement a low cost TNR process then the stray and feral cat population dwindles much much quicker.  Feral cat populations are ten times more frequent in city and suburban areas.  Less common in actual woodlands, praire land and shorelines.  In areas where there may be a feral cat threat to an endangered bird then TNR can be focused in that area.  There are huge groups of people out there who are willing and very able to do this successfully no matter whether it's in the city, suburbs, country, prairie, woodland or shoreline. It amazes me that feral cats are considered a bigger threat than raccoons, foxes and coyote to land nesting birds. I know you trust the research youv'e done on that subject, and you'll probably quote a reputable source but I would want to do my own research before believing that to be true. I believe the source may very well be biased.

    As far as killing cats, or ruling over animals, being mandated by the Bible- it doesn't surprise me.  Man has used the Bible as an excuse for far too long to condone horrible things such as murder and mass killings of animals and pretty much anything else he sees fit.  I prefer to think independently, compassionately and ethically- it seems to translate better into reality.

    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2010

    I think you are referring to city cagts as oppose to rural cats, it is too entirely different things, due to the size of the are that needs to be "treated" and as you note, feral cats are more nuisance (to humans) in urban rather than rural areas/situatiions. I sincerely doubt you would have volunteers in prairies of 100-3000 acres, willing to continue traping  - after the first weekend or two.

    The studies are not biased, cats are opportunists, and take the easiest prey because they are non-natural predators, not desinged to take advantge of multiple food sources. Coons, possums, skunks etc. on the other hand, have evolved to take advantage of a wide range of food sources, so they can survive through fat and lean years, and they aere vital to the health of the ecosystem through predato/prey relationships based on 1000's of years of evolution and trial and error. Cats, on the other hand, have been on the continent less than 200 years, and look at the damage they have caused.

    You cannot equate non-native, non-essential feral predators, to natural, essential predators. Especilly when it comes to mngement of wildlife. One is need for the health of the eco-system, the other does not even belong, and throws the predator ray relationship out of balance. Have you even considered the impact of no birds to control insects, which in turn control other insects, which control or impact large and small animlalsl - which if one component is removed (birds) the entier eciosystem could collapse, in a matter of years if not decdes. dn once they are gone, they are often gone forever - As you note in your argument, this is not so with cats...    

    In the case of farm/agricultural land and praire cats - it is far less expensive to let farm kids, and hunters, with .22's and .223's utilize the cats as target practice (for free) than it is to hire anyone, or get them for free, to trap feral cats, non-the-less get them to actually do it, on a continuing basis (your statement).

    Let the kids have their fun, and provide a needed service to both hunters and natural histoy, birding buffs - for free. It keeps the kids our of trouble, and not using palm games, gaming rooms and computers; they are out in nature.     


    II realize I am not going to change your mind, but I knew I had to present the logic of my beliefs - to those who may not yet have an opinion on this sunject. I hope you realize you have no chance of changing my mind.


    The problem wth your argument is that you are operating on emotion, where I am using pure logic. I just don't care about cats, one way or the other, they are fine for some people as pets, just not me.  

    PIece of advice - Never operate, negotiate, debate, go to battle or argue - from a position of weakness. it clouds your thinking. In this case your emotion is a weakness.


    God bless you and yours,


    • CommentAuthorKris75
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2010

    TR- I don't have anything to gain from keeping a revolving argument with you regarding feral cat maintanence.  I deal with enough people who have your views in real life. They use many excuses to simply be curel. It's interesting to see that you think it's ok for kids to shoot cats "for fun"- this really reflects on you personally and may give many people here something to think about. Besides it just being sick and creul we are all aware of the link between domestic animal abuse/killing and human domestic violence.  Thankfully the majority of people don't want their sons out shooting cats. They understand things at a deeper level.

    I replied to your post with intelligence, logic and compassion.  Maybe, you view my reply as overly emotional simply because you need to feel more compassion (not just "supposed" respect) for living things in your life.

    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010

    Just Google "predation by feral cats on songbirds". I think you'll find you are in the minority on this issue.

    • CommentAuthorFdoter
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2011

    Either case could be argued. I think its called the circle of life isn't it? If there is an  overpopulation of cats that could be a problem, but cats serve their purpose just like the songbirds that eat my raspberries! So claiming one way is the right or wrong way should just be presented as your resolution, not right in everybodies case. (They take care of the mice on the farm)


    I think that it is wrong for people to let feral cats go onto other peoples' land and is a big problem too. Sometimes the neighbors cats even bring dead rabbits into my yard and leave the dead rabbits where everyone can see them,  poop on my door step,  and they are mean to me and mess with my dog. I don't see the purpose of letting your cat roam freely around outside, but I understand why farmers let their cats roam freely around to keep the mice population down. But I'm not sure what to scare the cats away I tried throwing rocks at the cats but not directly at them just around them and so far that has worked out well, so far.

    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2011

    We get a few cats roaming around our apartment buildings. I don't know if they are feral or the owners live on the ground floor of apartment s & let them out. This is a bad as people letting their dogs out to do their bussiness whuile they in in the house. Irrisponsible pet owners in the city. In the country it may be different if said furchild stayed on owners property & didn't mess with others property. I feel sorry for the neglected furkids.