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    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2009 edited

    Happy Anniversary / Birthday USeeWildlife! That's right, USeeWildlife's official launch was December 30th, 2008. Wow, what a year! We started off last year watching huge bucks, Eagles, Trumpeter Swans, and much more right out of the gate. We were quickly blown away by the things we witnessed. Every corner we turned, there was something new. Just when we'd start to get settled watching, we'd see something new or unusual. We just kept saying all year "what's next?" and we were never disappointed.


    It's hard to even remember all of the amazing things we saw throughout the year. It is not until you start going through all of the photos and videos we've captured that we really begin to fathom it. A fraction of the highlights include watching a coyote laying down in the middle of 7 deer and then being chased off by one of the Does, 27 eagles at one time on cam and 21 Trumpeter Swans each day in January of last year, watching 3 sets of triplet 1st year bear cubs, 2 sets of twins, and a host of other individual 2nd and 3rd year cubs as well as many other adult bears, 4 different Timber Rattlesnakes,... ok, the snake one really blew us away.


    We knew there were rattle snakes in the area and we even talked about the possibility of seeing a snake on cam, but we all thought the chances might be as slim as picking winning numbers for the powerball. We really did not think we'd ever see one, let alone 4 of them and watching them hunt for days on end. Who would have thought we would have witnessed so many strikes on cam? At one point witnessing a snake strike & miss a chipmunk and less than 2 minutes later, having a bear almost step on it. That day was so wild. The staff members get so excited when something new, interesting, or unusual is spotted. Needless to say, we've had too many moments followed by excited phone calls to each other to even begin to count them this past year.


    Ok, back to the highlights..., catching some awesome and rare sightings of bobcats, including one that was hunting until his cover was blown by the crows. It was kind of comical to see the look of disgust on its face when it happened. We all know the crows can get a little annoying. :) We saw 2 coyotes run down a Doe. That was a National Geographic moment. Ok, that reminds me of a truly memorable comment made by one of our members. The comment was "USeeWildlife is like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet LIVE". Of course another one of the many we truly enjoyed was "I love USeeWildlife. The best $20 I've spent since I bought my marriage license. It's like facebook for animals". There are so many more that it could take up a 2 page blog to cover them all. What we would like to say to each of you is THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    Ok, once again back to the highlights...., setting a record for the latest sighting of a Golden Eagle in the state mid-April, the introduction of the soon to be new World Record Bird Feeder, 100s of Turkeys strutting their stuff, an amazing close-up of a Coopers Hawk, bears swimming in the pond, tons of brilliantly colored Blue Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings, watching Does give birth and seeing the fawns take their very first steps, the huge bucks in full velvet followed by gentle sparring and then leading to ruthless fights.


    Ok, I continue to think of amazing sightings but the blog sadly has to end at some point. All of the USW staff members want to say to each and every one of you, thank you for helping USW make its first year. We are so glad you are here and we are honored to be a part of bringing this to your home. We are also truly excited about where things are headed. There are so many plans in the works that will make year 2 even better.


    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! - USW Staff



    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2009

    Well done Kassandra. you sure did bring back lots of memories. Another good way to stroll down memory lane or if you're a newbie is to go through ALL the past Threads for all the cams & see the marvelous creatures we got to spend time with

    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2009

    Thanks Eiguoc! It's amazing how we forget things that were so cool when they happened but that get losted in time until you run across one of the forum post pics. Thank you so much for your efforts. A lot of people were able to see glimpses of what happened when they weren't able to be on due to your efforts. You are a God send.

    • CommentAuthorNelly
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2009

    Happy anniversary/belated birthday to USeeWildlife, you've brought life back into my rather boring days. 

    • CommentAuthorBEVERLY
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2009

    Happy birthday Useewildlife!  You have made my days so much more enjoyable.  I have learned so much about the different wildlife because of this wonderful site.  Wonder what we will see this new year!  I can hardly wait.  When I can not get online I have withdrawals!  LOL  Thanks to the wonderful staff that get the great shots for us too.  If it were not for your hard work we would miss a lot of the things you mentioned.