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    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009 edited

    If you had the opportunity to buy wildlife calendars - whch would you prefer?

    You can only pick one


    Calendar of several differet species

    of only swans

    of only deer

    of only trophy bucks

    of only eagles

    of only bears

    of only songbirds

    of only animal babies

    of trophy elk

    Thanks for you cooperation.

    God bless you and your familes during the Holiest of seasons,

    T.R. Michels Family and the Staff of Trinity Mounain Outdoors   

    • CommentAuthorNelly
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009

    TR, I would choose a calendar of trophy bucks if we can't have a mixture of all animals at Useewildlife. 

    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009 edited

    You can have a calendar of all animals - it is first on the list - several different species

    Thanks for responding - this is not necessarily for USeeWildlife

    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009

    I would like a mixture of animals. It's nice seeing a different animal each month

    • CommentAuthorBradra
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009

    Several animals, but include a "trojy" elk.

    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009 edited

    Thank you TR for kicking off this poll. We are actually preparing several calendars and it is great to get feedback on preferences. We are preparing the following:


    - A 12 picture calendar with a different animal for each month.

    - A 48 picture calendar (4 per page) mixture of wildlife

    - A 12 picture calendar that is all bears.

    - Possibly a 48 picture calendar (4 per page) mixture of Bears

    - A 12 picture calendar that is all huge Bucks.

    - A 12 picture calendar that is all Eagles.

    - A 12 picture calendar that is all Birds.

    - Possibly a 4 Picture per page (48 pics) mixture of Birds.

    - A 12 picture calendar that is all (YOUR TELL US - Coyotes, Turkeys, etc)


    These would all be from shots taken from USW cams.


    • CommentAuthorTRMichels
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009

    I knew that, I just talked to Malvin about it yesterday. So, you did not put in your .02 worth. What is your choice?  

    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009

    :) I like them all, but if I had to pick one, I'd say one that has different animals. Of course, I'd probably have to buy one on the bears, the eagles, the swans, the bucks, the song birds, and the rattlers, oh yeah and the bobcats, and the coyotes, and the fawns too. :)

    • CommentAuthorGoFride08
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2009

    How soon will I be able to order?

    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2009

    Not 100% ceretain as of yet, but we are working on it as quickly as possible.