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    Happy Thanksgiving!  From our house to yours, may this Thanksgiving holiday provide you a time to reflect over the past year of blessings, count them up and be thankful!  Also, we hope you all feel like these fat little racoons after your dinner; full and totally satisfied!  


    What do you think about all these animals?  We have seen everything this week.  Deer, deer fighting, deer mating, swan, eagles, racoons, turkeys, and bear.  Yes, bear!  We are seeing bear almost nightly at Lost Field.  I know, I know, there wasn't enough sun today and the Lost Field light is down tonight, but here's to hoping for tomorrow.  Last night we watched a HUGE bear.  He hung around for about an hour eating.  He had the shortest legs I've ever seen on a bear and the biggest belly.  I think there are pics posted of him in the forum.  Go take a look.  We need to call this one stumpy! 


    Deer are fighting all over the place.  Unfortunately, several of them haven't faired so well.  Deer Run camera area has experienced a couple of casualties.  It is the sad side of the circle of life.  We certainly hate to see it, but it is the wild.  We don't practice this, we can't rewind, or interfere.  If we do that, it would no longer be live wildlife.  That would turn it into live "tamelife" which is certainly not what you bought. And, speaking of what you bought, I want to take a minute to let you know what that is and make sure we say thanks to the staff for all they do to bring you these wonderful cameras.  FROM the design and build of all the cameras and feeders, maintaining the cameras and solar systems and ensuring that all users have a great experience TO all the meetings they have to determine where the next camera will be located, working to ensure all working pieces are up at all times, buying all the feed to fill the feeders, keeping them filled and let's not forget the bills must get paid!  They have a very big job keeping everything running smoothly.  Your $20 membership fee makes all of this happen so thanks to you, our users for your willingness to contribute to this wonderful cause!  And, don't forget to tell you friends.  We need additional growth to support additional cameras and camera operators, so when you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday, think of that special person that needs a membership to USeeWildlife.com.  We would love to share this little piece of heaven with them!


    And, last but not least let's cover the plan for the wonderful feast of a day, Thanksgiving!  All the USeeWildlife staff will be taking the day off, this includes the camera operators.  Someone will make sure all the camera settings are changed for daylight and then again at dusk just before dark.  But, there will not be operators following or looking for wildlife.  We will leave the cameras in the same place they are left for night viewing so you will be able to watch the action around the feeders.  We want our staff to enjoy the holiday with their families as well.  I'm sure we won't be able to stop the urge of checking in every now and again, but for the most part, we are going to take the day off too!  Happy Thanksgiving to you, our members and viewers!  We know you are a huge blessing to USeeWildlife.com and we are truly thankful for you. 

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