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    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009

    Wow!  We just thought the testosterone was flying a couple of weeks ago.  We have witnessed some AMAZING buck fights this week!  If you have been watching, I'm sure you have seen "Stickers" on the Deer Run web cam.  He is the young buck with horns like a sticker bush - they are everywhere!  We have captured some video of an amazing fight between him and another very nice buck and it has been posted to www.youtube.com/useewildlife . We have actually captured several fights that we are working to upload for your viewing pleasure, so check back often and see what we've caught on cam that you might have missed.

    The Bald Eagles are here!  And, there is a juvenile Golden Eagle as well.  We are seeing the Bald Eagles (juvenile and adult) almost daily.  I'm just sure that they will invite friends and they will all come out and take a bath in the lake for us soon.  That is so fun to watch!  They dip one wing, then the other wing, then their head and shake their whole body.  It's almost like a rhythmic dance.  Very methodical with slow intent movements.  That's one of my favorite eagle viewing moments!

    Turkeys are running around everywhere, and those boys are sure strutting their stuff.  They are really working it, trying to impress all those pretty ladies.  But, if those ladies can get past the face to see the feathers, I'll be impressed.  If you haven't seen a turkey lately, I'm not afraid to tell you that they aren't the prettiest face I've ever seen on a bird!  But they are fun to watch and sometimes even comical.  They give us some great viewing at USeeWildlife.

    Be on the look out, in December we should be seeing some Swans.  They usually get back in that timeframe.  You will have to leave your computer on at night and leave the sound turned up.  If you have never heard a Trumpeter Swan, you have to create that opportunity.  We hear them most at night, when the water is calm and the air is still.  They glide across the water and call across the lake to each other.  You will never wonder why they are called Trumpeter Swans again!  It is a wonderful and majestic sound.  And, don't think they are delicate docile creatures!  We have seen them run off coyotes from the lakeside.  They will trumpet and flog the coyote until he leaves.  They definitely own the lake when they are here.  One sure way to know when the swans arrive is to follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/useewildlife .  We will send out a tweet as soon as we see the first one!  You will always be in the know.

    And last but certainly not least, we want to send a shout out to our camera operators.  We have operators who monitor the cameras, spot the wildlife, follow them around and give you the show that you see everyday.  Believe me, it can be a crazy job!  There are 8 cameras and when there is activity on each camera it is very difficult to keep the camera on moving animals.  So, I think we should share more information about the life of a camera operator.  That is the plan for next week's blog, a day in the life.  So, check back next Monday to see what it takes for these ladies to give you a show.  Until then, keep watching and telling us what you see!