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    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2009

    I've got sunshiiiine, on a cloudy day.....Oh, sorry, I was celebrating the sunshine we have experienced over the past few days.  Just when we thought we would never see it again, it came back, charged all the solar batteries that run the cams, and USeeWildlife is back in full service!  You just have to love that big red ball in the sky!  Just keep dancing the sunshine dance folks, we need at least a full week of it before the rain comes back on Thursday.  We are contemplating building an Ark and loading up the animals.  I don't think we can limit our animals to two of each kind though. We love them all so much.  We will just have to make room for all of them!

    So, down to business, what has been going on around the cams this week?  The bears are not quite gone! They are making cameo appearances on various cams.  We never know when they will show up, but we are seeing more night time activity right now.  Looks like an eagle or two have made an appearance on the Bird Point camera along with the fun to watch Kingfisher, Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Hawks and of course the Vultures.  The turkeys are starting to come into the feeders and give us a show.  All cameras have seen the turkeys this week. There were about 50 turkeys raising cane (strutting, clucking, gobbling) on the Hidden Pond cam on Saturday.  It was quite a sight!  Isn't it fun to watch them strut!  It seems to be a good time to catch multiple animals feeding together.  The bobcoon (raccoon with a bob tail - we aren't sure why) and his raccoon friends have been visiting the feeders regularly. The big bucks are starting to stake their claim.  We have witnessed some smaller bucks sparing and some bigger bucks putting a stop to it.  Wow, it is amazing to watch.  These bucks are trying to do what bucks do, you know, fight and win and show everyone they are big (you know, to win the girl).  Then what do you know, right in the middle of the fight the mac daddy shows up and runs them both off!  That has to hurt the pride a little. But never fear, there's plenty of room out there for everyone to stake their claim on a little territory.  And who knows, that big guy might get some real competition.  Keep watching, that will be a great showdown to witness! 

    Stay tuned everyone - the antlers keep getting bigger, the sparing keeps getting rougher, the birds will keep coming in, and the leaves will be beautiful in about a week or so.  Isn't fall a wonderful season! 

    • CommentAuthorsuem
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2009

    Love your blogs Kassandra great job.

    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2009

    Makes me believe I'm right smack dab in the middle of all that, Kassandra

    • CommentAuthorTeriDee
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2009

    Great Job, Kassandra.  These animals are amaizing.  I love to watch them do their thing. (Teri)