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    • CommentAuthorkassandra
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009

    As the season changes, so does the scenery around USeeWildlife.com. You may have noticed that there hasn't been a blog in a while.  Debbie has been great to keep us up to date for all this time, unfortunately she will no longer be writing the blogs for us.  Thanks for all the great stories Debbie, we will miss you.  My name is Kassandra and I'm the new blogger for USeeWildlife.com.  Debbie has left big shoes to fill, but I'll do my best to bring you the excitement and action on a weekly basis.

     The bears we have watched all summer long have gone into hiding.  They have been gone a couple of weeks now, however, we did see one run from the tree line and grab a piece of deer that some coyotes were feeding on a few days ago.  We have also had several night time sightings.  Maybe they are trying to get fat for the winter!  At USeeWildlife.com the changing of the season brings sadness for the animals that will be missed for the next season or two, and excitement for the animals that will be seen in abundance.  Saying goodbye to the black bears and cubs means that we will be saying hello to the eagles, turkeys, swans, migratory birds, and the list goes on.  We look forward to all seasons and the animals that come along with it.  Lately we have been watching the big bucks.  Wow!  We have some really nice antlers out there guys!  Hope you have been watching these guys.  And now they are starting to chase the doe's around.  Won't be long and they will be sparing for us on camera!  That will be exciting.  All the little wood ducks have been enjoying the rain.  It doesn't seem to bother them or ruin their day like it does ours!  Maybe we could learn a thing or two from these little guys....  All the creeks are rolling because of all the rain we have had.  We're just praying that we don't eventually float away!  As fall settles in, so will the animals.  By Thanksgiving, we will have a very active bird point camera.  There will be more birds than we can count.  Turkey's are coming out of the woodwork, or maybe that should be wood line.  Almost all cameras are reporting turkey sightings.  As it gets cooler, we will begin to see more and more until there are too many to count on one camera.  We can't wait to see what happens at the biggest bird feeder in the world.  It is the first fall for that feeder - so check back often and let us know what you see.  The bald eagles and golden eagles should be making appearances soon.  We love to watch them feed, bathe and call to each other.  They are early birds, so check the cameras early to catch them.  And the swans usually show up in November.  Last year we had several that were banded.  Wonder if they will be back this year.  Wow, I've gotten excited just thinking about all the animals that are on the way!  Stay tuned folks, I think it's going to be a great Fall!

    • CommentAuthorSquirrel
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009

    Hello Kassandra. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading the blog again.

    Good luck !


    • CommentAuthoreiguoc
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009

    Welcome Kassandra, Will look forward to reading your blog. You have a great way with words & humour.