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    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2014 edited

    JUNE Upper Springs

    14-TRIPS=3:06pm-4:05pm; 6:11pm-6:31pm


    16-TRIPS= 10:50am-11:18am

    17=TRIPS=7:03-7:45am; 1:56pm-2:15pm


    20-TRIPS=8:18am-9:07am; 1044am-11:15am

    23-TRIPS=4:10pm-4:42pm; BIG-6:22pm-6:49


    24-BIG=9:20am-10:14am; 11:45am-?; 3:34pm-3:55pm;

    5:26pm-5:56pm> Side Stripe

    27-BIG=6:33pm-6:55pm; TRIPS=7:02pm-7:31pm


    30-BIG=12:05pm-12:21pm'  TRIPS  6:30pm-7:31pm


    25- TRIPS=8:24am-9:24am;

    30-lone bear-5:53-6:38am

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    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2014 edited



    ....TRIPS= 4:42pm-5:25pm; medium=8:43pm-9:14pm

    2-BIG=5:46am-6:18am; 2nd bear=11:35am-11:59am12:50pm


    3-TRIPS=10:36am-10:53am &4:20pm-4:46pm

    4-BIG=6:00am-6:34am; TRIPS=10:43am-11:22am

    ....BIG=12:50pm-1:22pm; SMALL=7:28pm-8:10pm; 10:21pm-?

    5-BIG=6:20am-7:16am; TRIPS=2:07pm-2:47pm

    ....younger=7:12pm-7:55pm; BIG=7:55pm-8:14pm


    6-1am-1:44am; 7:07am-7:56am; 10:33-?; 3:29pm-3:51pm

    ..........6:15pm-7:13pm-tic by eye


    9=mid sized- 6:05pm -6:18pm-

    10=large-9:23am-9:26am; smaller eye tic bear 10:04am-10:07,back 10:09-10:12am


    1= BIG=3:33pm-4:31PM

    2= CINNAMON 11:14am-?  TRIPS-1:37pm-1:40pm


    10=7:52am walk thru


    1= BIG 7:38am-?

    2= TRIPS=12:32-?

    9-lone 5:41pm walk by

    10=12:51pm walk thru


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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014 edited

    JULY-Upper Springs

    July 12 TRIPS ? already here at 4:24pm-4:55pm

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    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2014 edited

    July 22  US= 2:39pm-2:45pm   young bear

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    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2014 edited

    July 25   Triplets=  Fossil Ridge 10:18am-10:51am

    1 cub sounded like it was moaning

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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2014 edited

    July 26 US  TWINS already here at 4:35pm-4:43PM

    only noticed TWO cubs leaving

    Triplets US 6:07pm-6:37pm; 8:33pm-8:43pm


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    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2014 edited

    July 27 US  Trips-10:49am-11:45am;   Twins or trips= 8:82pm-8:52pm

    July 28 US  Trips-8:11am-8:47am

    July 29  DM Trips 8:27am-9:09am; 10:39am-10_56am

    US   Trips-2:33pm-2:56pm

    July 30 Trips=8:54am-9:34am ; Trips DM-2:18pm-2:40pm

    Trips? LF 8:30pm walk thru

    31 DM   Trips 3:50-4:03pm; 1 cub seen 4:28

    Trips 7:14pm-7:39

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    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2014 edited


    2= US= 1 bear  2 6:38am-6:50am  ; Trips 9:27-9:55am

    5= US-1 bear-7:59pm-8:30pm

    6=US 1 bear=6:04am-6:46am;

    .......DM=Trips=2:38pm-ma left 2:52>1 cub shortly after. All left 2:54pm


    7=US Trips =8:23am-8:53am

    8=US Trips=?-8:58am

    9=US lone bear=8:14am-

    10 FR Trips-9:38am-9:58am


    13-LF-2 adult bears= 5:53pm-6:03pm; 1 bear 7"17-7:26pm

    .......US-2 bears=9:25pm-9:46pm;   US=Trips=1:29pm

    14-Lone bear big- 6:46am-8:22am; TRIPS=2:52pm-3"15pm

    16=US=3:00=3:40pm;p  LF small lone bear;7:04pm -7:36pm


    17=LF-yearling sized bear-6:56am-7:13am; US -lone 10:39am

    ........US Trips 3:39pm-4:03pm; Large bear 4:04pm


    19= US Lone 10:20am -11:43am       ; LF big mean male= 11:29am-12:27pm

    ........LF-Trips=2:30pm-3:00pm:   LF=smaller bear-4:00pm=-4:21

    20=US Trips=10:45am-11:05am

    21=US=big=6:31am-7:32am;   US=4:31-4:55pm

    ......US=same bear as earlier 7:11pm-7:26pm

    22=LF=1 -9"55am-10:25am'   LF-Trips=12:16pm-12:38

    23=US 1 bear=6:11am-6:46am;  LF 1-8:25am-8:34am

    ......LF= 11:34am-11:48am;  US Trips=1:29pm=-1:53

    ......US-Trips=2:24pm-2:51pm:  LF 2:56-3:33pm

    24=US= HUGE=6:48am-7:36am; US Trips=5:45pm-5"53> Braveheart left at 6:02pm

    25-US-Trips=8:30am-8:54am;  US-4:09-56:22 Ol SLobber

    .......LF Trips-9:02pm-9:16pm

    26=US-Ol Slobber-6:32am-7:50am; LF Trips- 1:18pm-1:42pm

    ......US-ol SLobber 6:35pm-7:20pm

    27-LF Ol Slobber=7:51am-9:08;  US-Trips=12:49pm-1:26pm

    .....LF-Ol SLobber=3:14pm-4:22pm

    28;US-Trips=12:18pm-12:45pm; Trips-5:29-5:56pm



    31=bib=8:24pm-8:27pm;  LF-Ol Slobber-8:40pm-9:19pm


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    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2014 edited

    Sept 1=US==9:15am-9:24. acted odd  swaying as it sat, didn't eat;


    2...odd acting bear again-11:06am-11:24

    5-US 7:01pm-7"29pm; HP-7:53pm-8:22pm


    6=US=4:47am-?: 6:49pm-7:08pm

    9 LF=11am-1:02am

    ....... US-big bear-7:45pm-8:16pm;  small bear-8:16pm-8:34pm

    10 US-TRIPS=8:35am-8:52am; US Big 9:17am-10:13am

    US-Trips=2:27pm-2:36pm; ol Slobber-6:17pm-6:55pm

    US-big bear  8:00pm -8:20

    11-US=big 450-550 Ol Moe 7:40pm-7:45pm


    14=8:37am-8:40am:  smaller 8:44am-8:59am

    ........US-2 bears=2:20pm-2:30pm; US = 2 bears=6"08pm-6:15pm,

    17=big=8:26am-8:37 am; another did a walk thru

    ......dating bears Bears showed up around 5:45 - 5:56pm - left up hill and came back from 6:52-710pm walked out into woods then came back 7:12-7:14pm off again and back from 7:15-7:25pm


    20 US Huge & smaller 3:13pm-3:38pm; 4:27pm-4:34pm

    21-US=2 bears 8:13am- biggie left 8:25am, smaller left 8:34aM


    24=lone yongster-8:30am-9:00>9:01-9:09am; dif bear  9:22 -9:28  a 2nd bear comes out following

    ........1 bear 10:19am-10:21 comes back with 1 cub 10:22 2md cub follows, Ma has to go & get 3rd cub much later. all leave at 10:49

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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2014 edited

    OCT 1 LF= 2 bears, 1 brownish male 9:12-9:31am; same 2=12:12-12:18pm

    2=US=12:32-12:36pm; brownish bear-2;33pm-2:42pm