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- Full Snake List **

- Full Snake List ** Photo

Here is a list provided by one of our members of snakes that may be spotted on the USeeWildlife reserve cams. The ones that have been seen already on the USW reserve cams are underlined. The pictures above of the snake in a hunting position at the base of the trees are of a Timber Rattlesnake belived to be a possible new world record length. Many thanks to member HRANEY for providing this list below. Any species spotted on cam that is not on the list, please send us an e-mail to snakes@useewildlife.com so it can be added. Also, any snake confirmed on cam that is on the list, but not underlined, please let us know as well. We would like to keep this list up to date. Thanks!

Eastern Racer

Great Plains Rat Snake

Western Rat Snake

Speckled Kingsnake

Red Milk Snake

Eastern Coachwhip

Rough Green Snake

Yellowbelly Watersnake

Midland Watersnake

Redbelly Snake

Midland Brown Snake

Western Ribbon Snake

Eastern Garter Snake

Prairie Ringneck Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

Southern Copperhead

Western Cottonmouth

Timber Rattlesnake

Western Pygmy Rattlesnake