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White Deer

White Deer Photo

White Deer

While there is an abundance of the normal brown whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) to be seen from USEEWILDLIFE cameras, we also have something a little unique; white deer. This coloration is not very common and is often confused with the albino. This deer will have white fur all year round, but will not have the pink eyes, nose, and hoofs of a true albino. They are white due to a recessive gene.

Unlike the albino, the white whitetail is just as hearty as the brown whitetail. But, like the albino, the white whitetail has no protective coloration in the wild unless snow is present.

Since this is due to a recessive gene trait, breeding a white deer to a normal brown whitetail would not produce another white deer unless the brown deer has the white gene as well. Both deer must have the white gene to produce white off spring.

Piebald Deer

A piebald whitetail deer (partially white) can also be seen here. These are also from a recessive genetic trait. A piebald can be mostly brown with some white, almost all white with some brown, or any mixture in between.

Upon seeing one for the first time, many people will assume that the piebald was created by breeding a brown deer to an albino. This is not the case. Like the white deer, piebalds have a recessive trait which is passed down through genetics.